Raven Records Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

We’re in the middle of a musical whirlwind in Knoxville. Big Ears ended just twelve days ago, Rhythm n Blooms starts today and there are always great local, regional and national artists playing all around town. Knoxville musical culture has a long and fine tradition, much of it connected to musicians who came from the area […]

Congratulations Happy Holler

As the Knoxville News Sentinel reported yesterday, Happy Holler has been named to the historic registry. Apparently, the Metropolitan Planning Commission nominated the district and the designation is awarded to cultural resources or areas which merit preservation for historical reasons. Happy Holler does have a rich history, some of it quite scruffy. Known as a […]

Record Store Day – Vinyl in Knoxville? In 2014?

How can that be, right? We all know CDs killed vinyl in the 80s and downloads killed CDs in the 2000s. Maybe some esoteric shops in New York City would cater to DJs there, but Knoxville? As it turns out, Jay Nations, probably Knoxville’s best known guru of vinyl, tells me that he gets customers […]

TAMIS, Cas Walker, Rentfro and French Guys

If Friday night was bizarre at Pilot Light, and it was, Saturday evening was at the very least, eclectic and unusual at the Relix Theater in Happy Holler. The event was billed as a Grand Opening for Raven Records a few doors down and a fund-raiser for WUTK, but neither function took center stage. The […]

New Business in Happy Holler – and an Old Friend all-in-one: Raven Records

I’m partial to that sensuous experience I first had around age twelve. Sure, I’d messed around a bit before that, but sometime around age twelve I experienced the First Time. I was nervous. I didn’t know where this new experience would lead, but I felt like I was ready. If I’d known then that a […]