Piano Damaged: Vandalism Ruled Out By Organizers (Updated Title to Reflect Most Recent Information)

It was such an optimistic idea: Artists would make their art on instruments that passersby could use to make more art. Conversations would start over music, people would be moved. More art on the street would elevate us all. And that has happened. The pianos have been beautiful and they have been played. I’ve heard […]

Piano Project of Knoxville Brings Music to the Downtown Streets

The next time you visit downtown, you may notice a little extra art or an unexpected shot of music as you walk around. A new initiative was introduced yesterday afternoon that features three pianos, each painted by East Tennessee artists and each available for any passing pianist to display his or her skills. Plans suggest […]

A Little Piano Music to Go with Your Biscuits: International Biscuit Festival Hits Knoxville this Weekend

This post represents a combination of ideas which are completely unrelated. I have these piano pictures from several weeks ago that I really wanted to have on the blog, but there isn’t really much to say about them except that I absolutely love the pianos in public places. I first heard about it several years […]