Jody Collins: A Feral Giant Bringing Graphic Arts and Kindness to the City

It’s hard to miss Jody Collins around downtown. He towers over the room with his shaved pate and his sterling beard. He doesn’t have a booming voice, so much, his voice is more gentle than not, but his gentle humility is striking. We’d agreed to meet at Old City Java and he ran late. He […]

Knoxville Pehca Kucha at the Square Room

Last week Pecha Kucha landed squarely in the middle of downtown at the Square Room. The event has made the rounds as it bounced here and there. I saw the first one two years ago at the West Jackson Work Shops and absolutely loved it. I missed the next few, including one held at the Knoxville […]

Pecha Kucha: Knoxville Creativity on Display

I attended my second Pecha Kucha event recently and was reminded of the many amazing Knoxvillians who surround us. This was the fifth edition of Knoxville Pecha Kucha, which appears to have found a home at Relix Theater in Happy Holler. The first rendition of the event, held a year-and-a-half ago found the event hosted […]