Do Cars Eat Buildings? Ask Whitney Manahan!

I often hear from visitors to our city that Knoxville has done a good job keeping its old building stock. It’s interesting to consider since, for those of us keeping an eye on such matters, it seems as if we are losing it faster than ever in recent years and every block has a gaping […]

A Climbing Wall for Our New Garage (or an Old One?)

Here’s a fun idea discovered by guest writer Greg Manter on a trip he made this summer to Chattanooga. It’s always instructive to travel to other cities and to look closely through a Knoxville prism at what they are doing differently. While we don’t need to be like every other city, that doesn’t mean they […]

Going Up, Coming Down

It’s no secret that recent years in downtown Knoxville have been exceptional. The explosive growth has sometimes been breath-taking and press around the country continues to take notice in articles like this one just a few days ago. Still, it has been growth of a certain type. While we’ve lost some buildings that should have […]

Liberty Building Demolition Makes Way for Parking Garage

It’s taken a couple of weeks, but the Liberty Building which used to sit at the corner of Walnut and Summer Place no longer sits there. Pieces of it lie about, but most of it has left the premises. Trucks, dumpsters a small bulldozer, a large backhoe and a larger tractor I cannot identify, but […]

First Movement on the New Parking Garage?

I’m not sure what they were doing, but  a group of people took turns at various activities in the parking lot that is to become the new parking garage at Locust/Summerplace/Walnut. They also strayed out of the area I understood to be included in the plans and dug some holes in the upper lot. The […]