Fragile and Fading Structures Near Downtown

May is National Preservation Month. Knox Heritage, our local preservation organization, uses the month to highlight properties which appear to be in real danger of being lost. Previously titled “Fragile Fifteen,” the list is now called the “Fragile and Fading.” The list is a bit shorter, allowing for more concentrated focus. Some of the properties […]

Magnolia: Whispers from History and Conversations for the Present

William Faulkner in Requem for a Nun said, “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” The quote is instructive today as the United States deals with its past on many fronts. A nation whose past includes genocide of an entire race to acquire land to establish its boundaries and enslavement of another race to […]

Parkridge Home Tour 2014, Part Two

Here’s the second round of photographs from the excellent tour of Parkridge homes. I’ve had as much fun editing them as I had taking the tour, although it was a bit painful trimming the 115 photos down to around fifty. I hope you find some more you like in this special neighborhood. I’ll continue them […]