24 Hours of Downtown Fun in 25 Photos

This was another one of those downtown weekends where something fun or interesting was happening at every turn. My weekend, happily, was dominated by family. It was one of those reminder weekends for me of how much fun is waiting for children downtown. And not just when children’s events are happening. Most of it is […]

Want to Canoe, Hydrobike and Paddle Board? Do it Downtown with Billy Lush!

  I knew paddle boarding sometimes happened just off the downtown shore in the Tennessee River, but I’d never considered how and where that might happen. An online conversation with Dan Zimmerman, an employee at Billy Lush Board Shop, revealed that not only are we a short stroll from paddle boarding, but kayaking, canoeing and […]

Top Four Good News Stories from the City

It’s easy to fall into a pattern of bad news or complaints. We tend toward the negative much more readily than the positive, for some reason. Sometimes I do that on this blog, as positive as I’d like it to be, sometimes when I look around the city I forget to look for the stories […]

Outdoor Knoxfest Displays a Different Side of Urban Living

It takes some effort and a good bit of desire to find Outdoor Knoxville. I really wanted to find it Saturday to see what was up with Outdoor Knoxfest, which was an effort to raise money for the Legacy Parks Foundation and to promote outdoor activities in an urban environment. Within our city limits or […]