River and Rail Asks: How Are You, Knoxville?

Out of every human tragedy, out of every period of hardship or massive challenge, the resilience of the human spirit shines through. Humans will make art, rise to challenges, build and re-build, and show empathy to others who suffer. It’s at the core of our humanity. We move forward, find new pathways and look for […]

Checking in with River and Rail and the Old City Performing Arts Center

While many businesses have developed clever ways to deliver some semblance of their services while on shutdown, others simply do not work with the restrictions we’ve had in place. As the restrictions are slowly removed, more businesses are able to operate at some capacity. For others, it’s not so easy, even now. Imagining theatre shows […]

Project Be Kind Helps Local Workers; City People Helps Downtown Arts

There are as many ways to help as there are people and businesses hurting during the current pandemic. One of the beautiful things that happens during a crisis is the ways that people and groups think beyond themselves. Our connections are sometimes made stronger in a bad situation. Last week I reported last week on […]

Old City Performing Arts Center Announces Indiegogo Campaign, Grand Opening, First Season for River & Rail

It’s been a year and a half since the announcement that River & Rail Theatre Company would open and operate the Old City Performing Arts Center at 111 State Street. After a large amount of work behind the scenes, the OCPAC is nearing the end of initial phases of preparation and will open soon. A […]

Construction Updates and More

I was startled recently when a reader made a comment about Stockyard Lofts, suggesting they had not started construction and were past completion date. The surprise came when I checked my article about the project and realized the reader was correct! The article was written two years ago with a completion date of last summer […]