Saturday Sounds: Singer-Songwriter/Dixieland Jazz/Classical – Knoxville Has It All

Well, that was an interesting week. The weather took center-stage as institutions, businesses and events scrambled to avoid the falling snowflakes. As usual, some predictions of snow didn’t pan out, some did and sometimes the snow just fell when it was ready, leaving meteorologists scrambling in its wake. Music doesn’t get spared any more than […]

A Knoxville Saturday Morning at the Market Square Farmers’ Market

The last two Saturday mornings have been beautiful and there’s really no better way to enjoy a beautiful morning than to stroll around the Market Square Farmers’ Market. Urban Woman and I love to get out of bed at the crack of dawn – around 8:30 at our place, drink a little coffee and stumble […]

Bill Cook, Jr. and Other First Friday Moments

I suspect it was me. I came home from work tired and my First Friday partner (Urban Woman) declared a night at home on that most active of nights downtown. So I left home alone, tired and a little bummed. Not in the spirit at all. And surprise, surprise, nothing really excited me. I did […]

Busking on the Brain

I’ve written about buskers before and even if you haven’t read those older posts, but you’ve read more than a few of my current posts, you might guess that I’m generally pro-busking. I think it adds a flavor to the city that we otherwise miss and I regularly give them a dollar or two. Of […]