Felding Co., Men’s Clothing Store, Announces New Location

In February, Luke Lanzoni announced his intentions to open a men’s clothing store in the downtown area. His intention then, as now, is to have a store near Market Square. He also, however, is keen to begin offering his merchandise to the downtown area and that perfect near-Market Square location hasn’t presented itself. In an […]

Nothing Too Fancy Charts a New Course

It seems Nothing Too Fancy has been a part of downtown forever, cranking out the coolness they are known for. They’ve actually been open for a bit over four years and have been successful from the beginning. I admitted to them recently that when I took photos the night before they opened for the article […]

Friday Free-For-All

Today I’m going with some images that never quite rose to the level of needing their own blog, but which I wanted to work in at some point. I’ll start with Sam (Samantha) Hatmaker who you see pictured above. I took these photographs when she played the Market Square Stage a few weeks ago. I’m […]

Images from the City, March 2013

As I’ve done from time to time, today I’ve got a few images that never found a place in a blog post, but which I’d like to pass on with a few thoughts sprinkled in. Most of these come from my annual Christmas walk around the city. Churches are among my favorite buildings to photograph […]

Final Shopping Weekend in the City

It’s finally here: the last shopping weekend before Christmas. Stumped on what to give Uncle Joe? He probably doesn’t want just another gift from a big box national chain. If I know Uncle Joe, and I think I do, he’d likely appreciate gifts he might not expect, unique gifts that say, “Hey Joe, I thought […]