Centro Hispano and Claudia Caballero Quietly Work to Improve the Community

It’s a bit chaotic to the eye when you enter the Centro Hispano headquarters off Sutherland. The view of the city skyline outside is traded for people scurrying about, mingling Spanish and English as needed or desired. It soon becomes clear there is a focus and method to the madness as the staff and volunteers […]

The Regas Building: Its Past and What’s Happening There Today

We call it the “Regas” building because it was Regas restaurant for as long as any of us remember, but it wasn’t always known by that name and it once looked quite different than it does today. Located at the corner of Gay and Magnolia, many of us remember celebrating occasions or taking guests to […]

TRU Dog Network Becomes a Non-Profit, Hosts Photography Exhibit

Most people who know her can remember the first time they met Tinah Utsman. The first time for me was summer of 2010 at a Knox Heritage Summer Supper at Kendrick Place. It was as if whole sections of the gathered crowd spun and realigned in her wake. Photographing like a maniacal documentarian as she […]