A Visit to New York City in Photographs (Part 2 of 2)

Allegiant’s low priced, direct flights to New York City from Knoxville make a getaway to the city easy enough. The complication is that the flights only depart and arrive on Sunday and Thursday. We took the Sunday flight up and the Thursday flight back. Arrival on Sunday is early enough that most of the afternoon […]

A Visit to New York City In Photographs (Part 1 of 2)

After an early October trip to New York City, I promised photographs to come, but never quite got to it. The week of the Macy’s Parade seems like a good time to go there. As much as I love cities, this was only my third trip. I first went to the city with my family […]

New York City, Knoxville, San Francisco and Oakland

Worlds sometimes collide and that was the case for me, yesterday. After five days in New York City, Urban Woman, Urban Girl and I returned to Knoxville. I love Knoxville. But New York City, which I’ll probably write more about in the coming days, is, after all, New York City. Our visit there was fabulous […]

Shut Down James White Parkway (at least for a day)

  I get lots of emails. So many that I find it difficult to respond to them all. Some of them are quite lengthy and provocative. I received one earlier this week from Greg Manter, who is a long-time reader of the blog. I’m pretty sure he goes back to the first summer when I […]