Rala is Open for Business at the New Location: 112 W. Jackson

Last December, Nanci Solomon, owner of Rala, announced that the business would leave its home of seven years on Union Avenue for a new location in the Old City. The decision came on the heels of the owner of the building deciding to convert the retail space to residential. It marked not only the end […]

Downtown Knoxville Retailer, Rala, Announces Move to Old City

As I talked with Nanci Solomon, owner of Rala, and long time owner of Reruns, she pointed out that she opened Rala the same month I started writing this blog: June of 2010. At the time, she also operated Reruns, which later moved from 2 Market Square to a location down Union in the Daylight […]

Reruns Boutique Announces Its Closure

When I first wrote about Reruns Boutique nearly two years ago, I said it was one of the oldest businesses still operating in downtown Knoxville. As owner Nanci Solomon made the announcement yesterday that the business will cease operation later this summer, and she and I sat down to talk about the business once again, […]

Reruns Boutique: One of the Longest Operating Businesses in the City

Those of you who have read this blog for a long time know that one of my favorite buildings is the Daylight Building. I first came to know it about twenty years ago when Urban Daughter took acting classes there. Sitting on the 500 block of Union Avenue, it could easily have been knocked down […]