Rhythm n Blooms 2016, Day 3

So, the excitement builds in anticipation of some of the best artists of the festival – but. But by the last day I’m exhausted. I’ve been up until 2:00 AM each of the first two days and I’m dragging. Urban woman and I enjoy a quiet brunch at 5 Bar listening to a little jazz […]

What I Hope to See at Rhythm n Blooms 2016

As with so many festivals, each participant’s musical selections set them on a personal journey unlikely to be replicated by any other attending fan. We each have different preferences and bring different backgrounds to the shows. We may have seen a large number of the bands or have seen very few. If we’ve seen many […]

Rhythm n’ Blooms 2014, Day Three

The final day of the festival was perfect in several ways. First, Urban Woman accompanied me and, honestly, we haven’t see each other so much lately, so that was nice. Additionally, friends surrounded us and that’s always good. The weather was just about perfect and, most importantly for my tired self, I didn’t have to […]