Saturday Sounds: BB King Tribute Concert

Let’s get back to music this week with a fun show at Relix Theatre Thursday night. BB King died just about a year ago and I missed a tribute concert held afterward at Relix Theatre and really regretted it. When I heard there would be a round two on or near the anniversary date,  I […]

New Year’s Eve in the City: 2015 into 2016

I know there are other stories which have already broken around downtown for the new year – and I’ll get to those, but this being a marathon of stories and not always a sprint, I’m going to linger one more day over the holidays. I had a great time bringing in the New Year and […]

What Does It Take to Get Knoxville Riled? Metro Pulse?

This weekend marked the rally to support Metro Pulse and/or protest the actions of Scripps to cease its publication and layoff all its employees. Since the announcement last Wednesday passions have run high across the city and on Thursday Chris Irwin started a Facebook Page called “We Loved Metropulse!!! KNS and coporate master Scripps you […]

Ironwood Art Fair: A Cool Urban Party

Last weekend I attended an art fair/party at Ironwood Studios on Jennings Avenue, which is just a block off Broadway and just off Central – sort of between uptown and Happy Holler. The idea was simple: Open a warehouse/iron and woodworking studio to artists who want to display, add food for purchase, bands and dancers […]

Blackstock, Blues, Blank and Hudson K

Let’s start with Blackstock. What and where is it? It’s an entertainment venue located in the large, brick building pictured above. It sits in an unfortunate location beneath Western Avenue, close to Interstate 40. It’s not easy to find by car. You have to turn off Broadway and meander about a bit until you find […]