Construction Information and Updates from Around Downtown

I’m often asked about construction projects. Recently someone on Facebook asked for a diagram showing all the cranes on the skyline as seen from south Knoxville along with tags telling the nature of each. About the same time I got that request, the city of Knoxville offered a bus tour for the media which they […]

Urban Land Institute: World’s Fair Park, McClung Site and the Coliseum Site

The study panel from the Urban Land Institute made themselves completely clear in maintaining that the green space, though perceived by some to be underutilized, should be preserved, with none of it developed. Further, they want Second Creek to be unearthed behind the Museum of Art, removing the rail tracks, the dumpsters and the service […]

The Urban Land Institute is Coming! What Does That Mean to You?

Last spring I heard rumblings that the Urban Land Institute would visit Knoxville. I didn’t really know what that meant and didn’t tune in until the summer when I realized the outside group would look at specific sites and make recommendations. The recommendations are likely to have an impact on what the city does going […]

Small Changes and Big Chances for Downtown Knoxville

Changes are often so subtle or gradual that we don’t notice them at first. Taken together they can make a real difference in the environment around us which, in this case, is a city. The path pictured above is the most recent, widely obvious change to downtown. Put in place to deal with the difficulties […]