Piano Project of Knoxville Brings Music to the Downtown Streets

The next time you visit downtown, you may notice a little extra art or an unexpected shot of music as you walk around. A new initiative was introduced yesterday afternoon that features three pianos, each painted by East Tennessee artists and each available for any passing pianist to display his or her skills. Plans suggest […]

One Riverwalk Holds Grand Opening

It’s been long journey, but then it was a massive project. I think the first time I wrote about it the demolition had already begun and that was over five years ago. The project took some twists and turns along the way. Regal wasn’t involved when it started, for example, and then they wound up […]

The 2019 Maker City Summit is This Sunday: Why Does It Matter?

In 2016, Etsy named Knoxville one of the thirteen cities recognized in the U.S. for their maker culture. In 2017, Knoxville branded itself as The Maker City. An annual conference or summit was established to bring the Knoxville maker and entrepreneurial communities together for a day mixing inspiration and practical advice for those aspiring to […]

With Pride Month Comes Reminders of Its Importance

As I’ve considered how to acknowledge Pride month this year, my thoughts turned to Oren Yarbrough’s series of articles last June. I didn’t really understand the history and the systemic nature of the abuse of the LGBTQ community at the hands of not only citizens, but the government until I read his articles. I didn’t […]

Baseball, Wilderness, an Early Farewell (and Taxes!)

I recently took a walk from downtown to the future site of the Urban Wilderness Gateway Park. The occasion was Mayor Rogero’s final State of the City address. It wasn’t exactly a “farewell,” as she is in office the rest of the year, but it felt a bit like the beginning of goodbye. I walked […]