Hey! Tyler Sonnichsen’s Recording a Comedy Album! Want to Join the Fun?

“All I want is for people to have a good time. If someone’s parents come to town or a fifteen-year-old comes to town, I want everyone to be happy they came to one of my shows.” And so it begins. I sat down with local comic, producer, Ph.D. and general pillar of the comic community […]

Scruffy City Comedy Festival Offers Lots of Laughs

I ended my weekend with the Scruffy City Comedy Festival. Unable to make the first two nights, I caught the final set at Scruffy City Hall on Sunday night. And it was a great way to start a week that could be short on laughs for many of us as this depressing election drama finally […]

2016 Scruffy City Comedy Festival Lineup Announced

The third annual Scruffy City Comedy Festival will take place the first weekend in November and today I have the first release of the lineup for the third annual festival. I have to thank festival organizer Matt Ward for allowing me to share the lineup first and for helping me appreciate stand-up comedy. It’s hard […]

Scruffy City Comedy Festival Returns to Market Square

It’s been just over a year-and-a-half since I first wrote about Knoxville’s comedy scene. Matt Ward explained a bit of the history of comedy in the city and talked about what he was doing to help comedy become a staple of the city. It sounded as if it had a long way to go, though […]

Art, Comedy and a Little Bit More

What you are looking at today are a few of the spots I stopped along the way on Friday night. Crowds seemed oddly sparse, though some of the places I stopped had very big crowds. I’m not including everything from Friday night in this article because some of it had a unifying theme I want […]