How Do We Develop Great Places?

What is a great place? The answer is likely in the eye of the individual beholder to some degree, but there are places so loved by large groups of people that we might find some agreement. Of course there are grand natural spaces all around the country and the world – some of them, like […]

Dogwood Arts Festival 2018 Celebrated in Perfect Weather

Downtown Knoxville was caught up in Dogwood Arts Festival fever from Friday morning into the evening on Sunday. Crowds built slowly through the day on Friday and by Friday night thousands had joined the fun. Saturday and Sunday, with pitch perfect weather, drew massive crowds to the culminating spring Dogwood Arts event. Artists filled Market […]

A Market Square Business Closes to End the Year

For a spot that sits at the heart of who we are as a city, a place that we consider the center of whatever good has happened to Knoxville in recent years, Market Square showed a remarkable volatility in 2017. Do you realize that through the year two businesses closed (Cocoa Moon, Rita’s Ice) and […]

Knoxville Chocolate Company Opens at 29 Market Square!

Right on schedule, as I first reported in September, Knoxville Chocolate Company has opened on Market Square, moving from its long-term home in the Candy Factory. While they technically opened in the last weekend of 2017, I’m going to call it the first opening of 2018, as it was New Year weekend. When I finally […]

The Heart and Soul: Random Thoughts About Market Square

By David Denton My profession as an architect and an itchy foot have taken me to many cities around the world.  I always head first to the center of town where I expect to find the public space that defines the heart and soul of the city.  These spaces may go by many names: piazza, […]