Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration at the Tennessee Theatre

I love mash-ups of cultural elements not usually situated in close proximity, so to see African drummers, a jazz band, a symphony orchestra and slam poets all on the same stage is naturally going to grab my attention. Such was the celebration last night at the Tennessee Theatre. The Knoxville Symphony Chamber Orchestra, under the […]

Five Plus Six Jazz Ensemble

Knoxville is a jazz-rich city. It shouldn’t logically have a jazz scene at all. As an Appalachian city our heritage runs in other directions from old time to bluegrass, from a bit of blues to country, our musical heritage is similar to other locals in our region, if a bit more impressive than most. But […]

Tuesday and Thursday Night Free Music Returns to Market Square

What could be better than a laid-back Tuesday or Thursday night on Market Square when the weather is good? People-watching is always great on the square and with multiple choices of patios offering food and drink, the living is pretty good. But it can get better – and it recently has. The first day of […]