Every Single Downtown Question Answered! (Or at least a few of them)

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article offering small updates from around downtown. I thought I’d stay ahead of the curve a bit and give everyone some insight into current developments. I underestimated my audience. Over thirty comments later I realized you have a longer list of questions than I had answered in […]

A Half-Dozen and One Changes Happening in the City

I feel we’ve reached one of those points where I need to catch everyone up on a large number of changes happening around the city. These aren’t things that would necessarily make headlines themselves – some are bigger news than others – but taken together they show a city rapidly changing. Some of them are […]

Another Parking Lot Set to Become a Building!

  For many years we’ve only seen one-way traffic downtown and I’m not talking about the streets. We’ve torn down many buildings over the last decades and produced surface parking lots. We’ve not gone in the other direction until recently. Some of the new construction in the city actually is coming off demolitions, like the […]

Going Up, Coming Down

It’s no secret that recent years in downtown Knoxville have been exceptional. The explosive growth has sometimes been breath-taking and press around the country continues to take notice in articles like this one just a few days ago. Still, it has been growth of a certain type. While we’ve lost some buildings that should have […]

Small Changes and Big Chances for Downtown Knoxville

Changes are often so subtle or gradual that we don’t notice them at first. Taken together they can make a real difference in the environment around us which, in this case, is a city. The path pictured above is the most recent, widely obvious change to downtown. Put in place to deal with the difficulties […]