Thanksgiving Quickly Turns to Christmas in the City

I hope you had a wonderful and warm Thanksgiving filled with friends and family and lots of love. I know some people dread the holidays for many different personal reasons and, for you, I hope the holiday provided you with good moments and that your worst fears weren’t realized. Holidays are a tricky business. Ours […]

Thanksgiving Into Christmas 2015

I hope each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Mine was very good as I was surrounded by family for the entire week. My ideas about what we’d do were probably a bit ambitious, which I should have realized considering our gathering included an eight-month-old all the way to an eighty-two-year-old. Various ones in […]

A Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend in the City: What to Do?

What’s it like in the city on a holiday? What’s going on and what is there to do? The answers to those questions are likely as varied as the number of people you’d care to ask. There’s enough happening to satisfy any number of tastes. I’ll give you a sample of the kinds of things […]

Thanksgiving into Christmas: The City Transitions

I wanted to write a few words about this past weekend before time gets too far along. I hope each of you had a wonderful holiday filled with whatever makes you happy. The Urban Family had a great several days – much of which we shared with family and with a few thousand other people […]

Regal Festival of Lights 2012 . . . and More

I hope each and every one of you had a great Thanksgiving and days following. On Thanksgiving day, at the encouragement of one of our downtown friends, we joined a number of city residents in taking food to the local fire station, which started the day off in the right spirit. Urban Woman and myself […]