Steampunk Carnivale Just Gets Better in Second Year

It’s as urban as anything gets. So urban it’s dystopian: steam, gears, corsets, vintage hats, goggles and other elements collide with everything gadgets to make a futuristic and, yet, retro world that’s both fun to visit and a little scary to ponder. Mix all of it up with about a dozen fun things to do […]

Art, Jazz, Cool People and a Party for a Good Cause

That’s a pretty good combination. After a couple of days of writing about sadness, it seemed to me we could end the week on an up note to get us ready for the weekend and for Mardi Growl. Art and Jazz for the Cure was sponsored by¬†Paulk and Company¬†on Williams Street last Saturday night. They […]

Adventures on an August First Friday

Just a couple of weeks ago, I decided my new strategy for First Friday was to hit fewer places and try to really enjoy those as opposed to skimming so many I couldn’t remember them all until I reviewed the photographs. That plan didn’t make it through this week. There were just too many places […]