Beautiful New Local Music Inspired by Coronavirus

In a normal world, tonight, I would have done something extremely abnormal for me, on a Friday night. This weekend was to have included two great events downtown in the City People Home Tour and Open Streets. But tonight, I would have gotten in my car and driven to west Knoxville, something I simply don’t […]

2015 Children’s Festival of Reading is Great Fun for the Everyone

That reading is an essential skill to be encouraged in our culture, I hope is a point on which we all agree. Unfortunately, I fear it is an endangered practice. I’m afraid, frequently, most adults read a few articles, but more likely read captions and look at photographs or video for information and enjoyment. If […]

Waynestock 2014, Night Two

Well, this one’s going to be very photo heavy and word light. Fires have literally been breaking out downtown today and I’ve been very, very short of time. For those of you who expected me to write about the fire: I decided to address it next week. I know it’s not timely, but the media […]

Business Bits to End the Week

I’m going to end a busy week with a few bits about business. Nothing stays still in the city, of course, and in recent days I’ve documented the closure of Bella Luna and the re-opening and re-imagining of two other restaurants: Blue Coast and Icon. But those aren’t the only changes. The others have been […]

From Shakespeare to the Cemetery on a Knoxville Weekend

I’ve already mentioned the great outdoor emphasis last weekend. You know I heard incredibly great music – but I’ll get to that later. Knoxville’s literary soul was also on display. Urban Woman walked to Shakesfest while I visited Outdoor Knoxville, so when I walked back into the center of downtown, I stopped in. Shakesfest is […]