A New York Moment and a Fine Friday Night into Saturday in Knoxville

Memory is tied to all the senses: a touch on the skin, a glimpse of something familiar, a smell that transports. I have what I call San Francisco mornings. It’s something about a chill on a spring morning along with a fresh-baked smell and leisurely moments on a patio. It hits me sometimes in downtown […]

Dogwood Arts Festival 2018 Celebrated in Perfect Weather

Downtown Knoxville was caught up in Dogwood Arts Festival fever from Friday morning into the evening on Sunday. Crowds built slowly through the day on Friday and by Friday night thousands had joined the fun. Saturday and Sunday, with pitch perfect weather, drew massive crowds to the culminating spring Dogwood Arts event. Artists filled Market […]

Art in Public Places Adds New Sculptures to Downtown Knoxville

Each year around this time new outdoor sculptures arrive in Knoxville and most of the older ones disappear. It’s a rotating exhibition mounted by Dogwood Arts and Art in Public Places. The effort is headed by Kate Creason with a number of sponsors lending support.  Justin Rabideau, Director of the Zuckerman Museum of Art at […]

Thanksgiving Quickly Turns to Christmas in the City

I hope you had a wonderful and warm Thanksgiving filled with friends and family and lots of love. I know some people dread the holidays for many different personal reasons and, for you, I hope the holiday provided you with good moments and that your worst fears weren’t realized. Holidays are a tricky business. Ours […]

National Election Protests Spread to Knoxville

There’s a lot of raw emotion around the country. It’s a perhaps toxic mix of anger, betrayal, ecstasy, triumph, righteous indignation and confusion. Just less than half the country feels a major point has been made and the country may “right” itself, though the definitions of that concept range widely. Just over half the country […]