How About a Little Orchestra with that Beer?

We have certain expectations of different kinds of people and groups. Sure, sometimes they are misguided preconceptions, but generally certain groups or tastes don’t mix much. Do you think of wine snobs flocking to hockey games? Do you easily imagine a Prius-filled parking lot for a monster truck rally? Modern Dance enthusiasts at a gun […]

Big Ears 2017, Part Two

We wait for this festival for so long, it’s kind of hard to believe when it passes the halfway mark and we know it’s fading. Fatigue assures us that it has, indeed, been a solid two first days. Looking at the artists, taking stock of my deteriorating energy and considering that sitting comfortably would be […]

Saturday Sounds: Singer-Songwriter/Dixieland Jazz/Classical – Knoxville Has It All

Well, that was an interesting week. The weather took center-stage as institutions, businesses and events scrambled to avoid the falling snowflakes. As usual, some predictions of snow didn’t pan out, some did and sometimes the snow just fell when it was ready, leaving meteorologists scrambling in its wake. Music doesn’t get spared any more than […]

Knoxville Opera Presents “Mefistofele”

As has been the case in the past, Knoxville Opera was kind enough to let me attend their dress rehearsal for the upcoming performances of their latest production. “Mefistofele,” will be presented Friday night at 8:00 PM and Sunday at 2:30 PM in the Tennessee Theatre. It’s one of those photographic gigs that just about […]

Tuesday and Thursday Night Free Music Returns to Market Square

What could be better than a laid-back Tuesday or Thursday night on Market Square when the weather is good? People-watching is always great on the square and with multiple choices of patios offering food and drink, the living is pretty good. But it can get better – and it recently has. The first day of […]