Have You Noticed We Have a Race for Mayor? A First Look at the Candidates

It’s been eight years since term-limited Madeline Rogero became Knoxville’s first female Mayor. She followed a popular mayor in Bill Haslam, who left to assume office as Tennessee’s governor and an interim of service by Dan Brown, Knoxville’s first African-American mayor. Her eight years have seen the continued resurgence of downtown Knoxville and the city, […]

Written in Stone: Inscriptions on Market Square

Recently a friend asked about the inscriptions written in granite on Market Square. She’d looked at them and found them wanting. Focusing on the three primary, and larger, quotes on the square she noted that they are all by white men and they all seem pretty dark, if not downright negative. I would add another […]

Online Journalism: What Exactly Is It?

I had the honor last night to be on a panel with several bright and interesting people to discuss a topic that I would never have imagined being invited to discuss just a few years ago. I honestly introduced myself to the assembled crowd at the monthly meeting of the Knoxville Writer’s Guild as a […]