Pride Month: Sharing Art and Culture

In recent years the LGBTQ community has seen a massive rise in visibility in the media. Where remaining closeted was once crucial to the success of someone‚Äôs career there is now a large and growing population of artists, singers, and actors who are out and proudly showing the world their true selves. Pioneer artists like […]

The Knoxville Gay Men’s Chorus: A Musical Jewel for the City

As it turns out, most major cities – including those in the south – have gay men’s choruses. Atlanta has one, Nashville has a huge mixed chorus as does Charlotte, while Birmingham has two – they are really all over. I didn’t know anything beyond our own, Knoxville Gay Men’s Chorus, and the fact that […]

Rossini 2015 Hits both a High Note and a Dry Note

Earlier in the week, the forecast looked bleak. I wanted to talk up the Rossini Festival, but even while doing so, the echos of Rossini Past resonated through my brain. We’d seen the movie before: Monsoon rains and howling winds all day long. Wednesday evening I expressed my concerns to Avi Tomczak, Development director of […]

Knoxville PrideFest 2012: Maybe we really are number 8!

The day that began beautifully in Knoxville turned muggy and very hot by the afternoon. That did not seem to slow the floods of people converging on downtown for the annual PrideFest celebration. Predicted to be bigger than any previous celebration, it appeared to fulfill its promise. Parking was only available on the top deck […]