Flow: A Brew Parlor Closes on Main Street

When it opened in December of 2014, I joined Brad Peer, owner, in having high hopes for the shop. Situated on Main Street, Flow: A Brew Parlor sits far from other retail and culinary options. I reasoned that to be an advantage – less competition. Further, I felt Brad had several natural sources of support. […]

Rearranged, Expanded and Re-imagined Tomato Head Opens

  The first thing that becomes obvious as you approach Tomato Head is that you won’t enter the same door patrons have entered since 1990 when Tomato Head opened as a lunch spot. The entrance at 12 Market Square will now be primarily for servers assisting patrons at the outdoor patio. The new entrance is […]

An Interview with Jeremy McDonnell of Rocky Top Crossfit

As I reported last week, Rocky Top Crossfit is coming to 309 North Central Street just outside the Old City. At the time I reported it I had not been able to catch up with co-owner and crossfit coach Jeremy McDonnell. Subsequently, I spoke to him and I wanted to pass on what I learned […]

Coffee and Chocolate Set to Open a Second Downtown Location

It didn’t take long for interest to emerge in 416 W. Clinch Avenue. As I noted last week, Le Parigo, which changed to icafe at the beginning of the year, had officially closed. Cedric, the long-term chef and owner moved to France according to a reader commenting on that post. One of the reasons I […]

2012 in Review: Business Summary and Final Thoughts

So, how do we make sense of all the comings and goings? First, let’s look at an aggregate picture of what was lost and gained. How do they compare qualitatively and quantitatively. Next, now that I’ve done this for more than a year, let’s compare the losses and gains to those from 2011 and see […]