Knox Mason Re-Opens Thursday in New Home

It’s the best of Knoxville stories. The kind of arc that can’t really happen, but does happen because, well, Knoxville. About twenty years ago in a high school typing class, freshman Alpesh Patel and junior Matt Gallaher could never have imagined that their futures would merge in such a major way. To thicken the plot, […]

Embassy Suite Details – And Three Favorite Local Businesses to Join Them at the Location

It’s been nearly three months since the announcement that the Conley Building at 505 – 507 Gay Street would become an Embassy Suites. The long under-utilized building sits at arguably the most prominent intersection in the city and development, long overdue, had been entangled in legal wrangling between the owners. Very few details were included […]

Matt Gallaher Plans New Restaurant at 16 Market Square

When news circulates that Matt Gallaher is making a move, people pay attention. When Knox Mason opened on the 100 block of Gay Street a buzz started that never really subsided for people who care about fresh food made from scratch. Almost precisely three years after that successful launch, Matt has announced his next effort: […]

Is Knoxville Cuisine Improving? Which are the Best Downtown Restaurants?

We’ve had numerous debates about food in Knoxville over the years I’ve written about downtown. I generally write about restaurants that open, and while I’m spreading the word more than I’m reviewing them, I generally find some good things to say. Are we world class? No. Do we have the variety of restaurants found in […]

Knox Mason Opens on the 100 Block of Gay Street

In the early days of the new year, Knox Mason became the first new business to open its doors in downtown Knoxville. Located in the spot most recently inhabited by Harry’s and more distantly, by the legendary Harold’s Kosher Deli, the spot deserves some respect. In a tip of the hat to the past, the […]