Raising a Glass to George Barber and Restoring His Final Home

One hundred years ago last month, George and Laura Barber died within nine days of each other while living in a small home in Parkridge. A snow-delayed dinner party was held in that home last week to mark the anniversary. That 1701 Glenwood (then Coleman) was actually their home was a part of local lore. […]

Who’s on First? Knoxville’s Post-Metro Pulse Independent Landscape

Coury Turczyn introduces the Knoxville Mercury, East Tennessee History Center, Knoxville, December 2014 Since the day the news broke about the closure of Metro Pulse, Knoxville’s weekly (sort of) independent, I’ve been asked at least once a day, sometimes more, “What’s going to replace the Metro Pulse?” I haven’t known much more than anyone else […]

What is Historic Preservation?

The 2014 version of the Knox Heritage Preservation Awards took place last night in the Bijou Theatre. The setting itself is significant because our city’s modern preservation efforts first coalesced around the effort to preserve the Bijou Theatre about forty years ago. How hard is it to imagine no Bijou Theatre? It nearly happened. Looking […]

What Does It Take to Get Knoxville Riled? Metro Pulse?

This weekend marked the rally to support Metro Pulse and/or protest the actions of Scripps to cease its publication and layoff all its employees. Since the announcement last Wednesday passions have run high across the city and on Thursday Chris Irwin started a Facebook Page called “We Loved Metropulse!!! KNS and coporate master Scripps you […]

Pryor Brown Garage in Jeopardy

It’s a building that most people probably drive past without much thought. Clearly having seen better days, store-fronts sit empty. Windows are busted out on the floors above. I’ve heard it called “ugly.” I first remember noticing it when walking around downtown in 2009, just after we moved into the center city. I believe a […]