What’s That Glitter at the Keener Building? Glitterville Studios Move to Knoxville!

Development brings new spaces and new life to old spaces. But sometimes the result can be small absences. Missing pieces of the texture that once enriched our lives in small or large ways. One such absence was the closure of Keener Lighting on Broadway. The development of Keener Lofts is great and the building is, […]

A Look Inside the Keener Lighting Building + Future Plans

A reader joked the other day that I must get tired of writing about one building and being asked about ten more. I don’t, really, but it is hard to keep up with all the construction and various projects underway around downtown. Still, I find it a pleasure to climb through old buildings, learn about […]

Downtown Knoxville Project Updates

At least a couple of times a week someone asks about one project or another, wanting updated information. Often the request comes because of an apparent lack of progress. Projects have certainly died on the vine in the past – like the oft cited Sentinel Tower, which may have never been a serious project – […]

Downtown Loses a Business and Gains a Business: Win, Lose or Draw?

The reports came in late last week that Keener Lighting located at the corner of Broadway and Jackson Avenue for the last 41 years plans to go out of business. I’d been sitting on the photographs you see in this post since last summer, waiting on the right time to bring them out. It appears […]