A Simple and Realistic Plan for Downtown Knoxville

As I noted in a recent article, the Urban Land Institute has released its final report. The full report may be viewed here. My article drew quite a few comments (32) and extensive interest. The conversation will be continued when the city hosts a forum on the topic March 30, 5:30 at the East TN […]

Road Network and Transit, Pt. 2: What a Transit System Needs

Here’s the second part of Just John’s piece from yesterday and, unlike some of the more dramatic proposals, this one is just a common sense look at how we might enhance our transportation system. Somehow we’ve got to move from the idea that each person in Knox County must drive everywhere they go – alone […]

Improving the City’s Road Network and Transit, Pt. 1

Today’s column is brought to you, once more, by Just John. When last we tuned in, he suggested removing major portions of Interstates and highways slicing through the downtown area in order to re-build neighborhoods. He pointed out that the I-40/I 275/Henley Street/Western Avenue exchange takes up almost as much space as downtown proper. One […]

Neighborhood Reunification Through Highway Removal

Today Just John returns for a more macro view of the issues facing downtown infrastructure and design by taking on the highways that strangle the center city. The ideas in this section are very big. So big that, no doubt, many of you reading it will think it is crazy and there is a good […]

The Coliseum District

When the Urban Land Institute suggested that the Coliseum District needed to go forward as an area dominated by residential and mixed use development, some were surprised. The implication that the coliseum should not be a part of the future for the area surprised many, including me. Just John had already been thinking about the […]