Downtown Knoxville Food Fight

We have crumbling buildings that need to be rescued. We have buildings being torn down, parking problems, decisions to be made about the future of entire city blocks. We have a homeless population that seems to be fueling more pervasive and aggressive panhandling. We’re trying to figure out just who in the heck we are […]

The Finished Product: Top Floor of the Arnstein Building Inside and Out

Some of you may remember a previous post in which I was graciously allowed to view some of the apartments inside the Arnstein Building as they were under construction. It’s a fascinating project – Knoxville’s first “skyscraper” at a full seven stories – as well as the intrigue of Urban Outfitters’ fitful romance with our […]

Beers and Steers, Century Harvest Farms and Saw Works Brewing Company

In a sense, it’s an odd event for me to attend. On the one hand, I don’t like beer. While I have it on very good authority from many sources that Saw Works beer will stand with any craft beer, that eliminates half of the point of the evening. Second, my wife and I haven’t […]

Metro Pulse Best of Knoxville Party 2013

I’ll keep my comments brief today, and give you some photographs of last night’s Metro Pulse event. It turns out the winners in the various categories were invited to a VIP version of the party starting at 5:00 and lasting until the beginning of the advertised party at 7:00. For this first portion, food from […]

Craft Beer in Knoxville: Saw Works Brewing Company Charts New Direction

What do you do when you have a successful company with positive name recognition and a growing buzz in the craft beer community? Obviously, you keep doing more of the same, right? Not so much if your business is Marble City Brewing Company. These guys just don’t think that way. They see something that is […]