Construction Information and Updates from Around Downtown

I’m often asked about construction projects. Recently someone on Facebook asked for a diagram showing all the cranes on the skyline as seen from south Knoxville along with tags telling the nature of each. About the same time I got that request, the city of Knoxville offered a bus tour for the media which they […]

Guns, Ammo and the Center City?

I’m often contacted by readers curious about one thing or another in the city. Many times I don’t know any more than the person asking. I recently had a reader ask if I’d noticed business signs in the Old City on a particular building. I hadn’t, but the reader made a surprising statement, connecting the […]

Happy Thoughts and a Baker’s Dozen

I have to confess I’m one exhausted blogger. Not much sleep came my way this week and now it’s late as I write this, so tonight’s blog will be brief and I’ll through in a baker’s dozen of un-related photos that have been waiting for a spot. I will share a few happy thoughts and […]

Businesses We Don’t Notice

There are several downtown businesses I’ve run across recently which don’t exactly fall easily into the categories that capture our interest. I find that my readers – and myself – are very interested in new restaurants, pubs, gift shops and food vendors of various sorts, from olive oil to groceries to food trucks. It would […]

Images from the City, March 2013

As I’ve done from time to time, today I’ve got a few images that never found a place in a blog post, but which I’d like to pass on with a few thoughts sprinkled in. Most of these come from my annual Christmas walk around the city. Churches are among my favorite buildings to photograph […]