Dogwood Arts Chalk Walk 2017

Each year I write about the Dogwood Arts Chalk Walk, I’m tempted to say the art is better than it’s ever been. Looking at the art included here (and that not included), it’s easy to see the source of the temptation. But then, there have been many amazing drawings in previous years, so maybe it’s […]

Dogwood Arts Chalk Walk 2015

One of the best events of the spring, the annual Chalk Walk turns Market Square into a colorful, vibrant center of artistic activity for a full spring day. It’s fun to see the drawings early in the day and watch them as they progress and evolve. By the end of the day, the drawings are […]

2014 Dogwood Arts Chalk Walk, Part One

This is the time of year for festivals, many of which are smaller portions of the Dogwood Arts Festival. It’s hard to keep up with it all with only one article a day, so sometimes I have to backtrack a bit. The Dogwood Arts Chalk Walk takes place each April and features professional, amateur and […]