Babalu Ready to Open on Gay Street

Last May when I interviewed Bill Latham, co-founder of Babalu Tacos and Tapas, I got more excited about the food than I’d expected. It seemed like fun, interesting food served in reasonable portions and at good prices. Mr. Latham was very convincing and the food sounded good, but what would the reality be? At that […]

Updates on Babalu (JC Penney Bldg) and Wild Wing Cafe (Kress Bldg)

I’m going to try to keep this a bit more brief after writing approximately one million words yesterday. I had another million, but cut myself off. I appreciate the response so many of you had to Jeremiah and I hope you’ll attend his concerts and  support his Go Fund Me campaign to buy his new cello. […]

Inside the JC Penney Building Restoration and Renovation

In what might be the highest profile re-development project in the history of the city, a team of developers joined to essentially re-build the JC Penney Building. Tim Hill of Hatcher-Hill Properties, who is working on the project in conjunction with  Dewhirst Properties, agreed to give me a tour and show me the progress. The […]

Major Downtown Project Updates (Plus Bonuses)

I’ve mentioned them before, but progress is being made on the first two projects to convert parking spaces to buildings (in one case a former building along with the surface parking). One is a bit more exciting and the other is more functional, but both are significant as we move along. For the first couple […]

Updates on Development Projects and a Major Event Announcement

This blog happened thanks to a good friend who occasionally drops blog material into my lap. The Central Business Improvement District board of directors met yesterday and updates were given on several projects in which they made an investment. Here’s what was reported on each project: The developers of the JC Penney Building closed on their […]