24 Hours of Downtown Fun in 25 Photos

This was another one of those downtown weekends where something fun or interesting was happening at every turn. My weekend, happily, was dominated by family. It was one of those reminder weekends for me of how much fun is waiting for children downtown. And not just when children’s events are happening. Most of it is […]

Creepilicious Knoxville: Where to Find Your Creepy Fun

Each year Knoxville seems to out-do itself when it comes to celebrating Halloween. I never realized grown-ups like to dress up in strange costumes so much until I moved downtown. It’s never been my favorite holiday, but it is certainly one I enjoy photographing each year. I suppose the official beginning of Halloween season each […]

Coming Events – Starting Tonight!

I generally write about downtown Knoxville as I’ve experienced it – meaning the events, situations and people I write about have already been encountered. Sometimes I write about upcoming events and I often gets asked to do more of that. So, here are a few events coming up tonight through this weekend that you might […]

2012 City People Downtown Home Tour: James White Fort and Riverside Condominiums

The second installment of the stroll through the 2012 City People Downtown Home Tour includes another very divergent pair: A home built in 1786 and homes built nearby two hundred years later. The first, a log cabin built by James White, the founder of Knoxville, originally sat where the State Street Garage is located today. […]