More Questions Answered and an Odd Real Estate Pitch

Answers always net new questions on this blog, which is a good thing. Knoxville has a lot of balls in the air at once and I don’t mean the iconic kind. There’s a lot going on here and you all are all about it. So, let’s look at some of the questions from yesterday and […]

Three Downtown Businesses Will Soon Be Forced to Relocate

It’s a price of progress. While needed infrastructure tasks are completed which allow us to continue to grow, a price is sometimes paid. Jackson Avenue has been under re-construction and renovation for months and it’s been hard for the businesses and residents there. That looks nearly complete and it brings up the next infrastructure challenge: […]

Jackson Avenue Streetscape Details and Schedule, Plus Viaduct Reconstructions

If you’ve walked through the area recently, you know the sidewalk between State and Central is nearly complete and looks great. It’s already hard to picture all the poles, wires and busted pieces of thin sidewalk we used to traverse. When I look at that stretch, I always remember the concerns of some that the […]

Underground Knoxville: A Glimpse or Two

I’ve been sitting on some photographs for a while that might be of interest to some of my readers. As a member of Knox Heritage, I’m sometimes allowed, along with other members, to tour buildings in various stages of renovation. Some of them simply sit at the idea stage and some of them are finished […]