An Unexpected Brazil-to-Knoxville Connection

People pitch me stories at a pretty steady pace. Sometimes it’s just not a good fit, or there is simply too much happening to fit it in. It’s not unusual, however, for a friend or reader to point me in the direction of something that might have a broader interest to readers. I recently got […]

Yassin Terou’s Big Moment Stands in Contrast to National Developments

Last week, a big moment in Yassin Terou’s life, and in Knoxville, came to fruition when Square founder and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey came to town with a video and production crew to debut an eight-minute film about Yassin’s experience as a Syrian Immigrant in the U.S. CNN was on-hand for the invitation-only event at […]

Immigration Protest Downtown Results in Arrests

I pulled into the parking garage after a long day at work, dreaming of hitting the couch for a little nap. My phone rang with a tip that something was happening on Gay Street and people had been arrested. Showing my true love and devotion for my readers and my city I grabbed my camera […]

Protests in the City: Immigration

There have been a couple of protests or rallies in the city that I’ve noticed this spring. I’ve encountered one of the groups twice. The first time I went to the City Council Meeting to cover the anti-discrimination ordinance I met this unexpected group outside. Their concern was 286g which is a federal program that […]