Rhythm n Blooms 2016, Day Two

The beginning of day two of a three day festival is a sweet spot of sorts: Day one was fun, building expectations for day two and exhaustion won’t set in until late in the day. It’s an optimistic moment. My day two started with moderating a panel on Re-claiming Spaces. I’m really appreciative of its […]

Waynestock 2015 a Huge Success

I’d love to write a lengthy article about Waynestock, detailing set lists and performances, but for a couple of reasons, I can’t do that. First, I really wanted to enjoy the music and not focus as much on documenting it. I achieved mixed results on that front, but I didn’t take notes, so I can’t […]

Scruffy City Hall: Another Reason to Love Downtown Knoxville

I may have mentioned this before, but one of the things that Urban Woman and I marvel at is that many of our favorite places and things to do didn’t exist before we moved. And we moved here thinking it was an amazing place to live. Union Avenue and Jackson Avenue have each come to […]

Steampunk Carnivale Just Gets Better in Second Year

It’s as urban as anything gets. So urban it’s dystopian: steam, gears, corsets, vintage hats, goggles and other elements collide with everything gadgets to make a futuristic and, yet, retro world that’s both fun to visit and a little scary to ponder. Mix all of it up with about a dozen fun things to do […]

Blackstock, Blues, Blank and Hudson K

Let’s start with Blackstock. What and where is it? It’s an entertainment venue located in the large, brick building pictured above. It sits in an unfortunate location beneath Western Avenue, close to Interstate 40. It’s not easy to find by car. You have to turn off Broadway and meander about a bit until you find […]