Those Wonderful Murals

  David Denton, who has written on this site  a number of times, offered a column on his opinion of the historic murals on the Walnut Street Garage. My observation is that visitors and residents alike have been interested, amazed, pleased and impressed. I often have conversations with pedestrians stopped beside the current photographs viewing […]

Baseball, Fires and Development: More Updates

I’m going to take another shot out rounding out some of the dangling stories, but as I’ve begun listing them, I realize there are so many that I may not get through them in this article. Some are potentially large, while others answer questions readers have thrown my direction, but which don’t really need a […]

City and Visit Knoxville Cover Garage Walls With Historic Photos

We’ve talked before, quite extensively, about the Walnut Street Garage. Built with one small portion of retail facing the street, it is a nine-story container for cars with very little to offer beyond that. The resultant construction also exposed a nine-story solid wall on its south side which, despite some stained stripes to give it […]