Kress Building Purchased, Wild Wing Cafe Back, More Plans Considered

It’s a crazy arc for a story, an almost unbelievable ending to a tale that was thought to be concluded. In 2014, Kress, LLC, a group including Brant Enderle of Henry and Wallace (etc.), purchased the Kress Building at 417 South Gay Street for $1.35 million. Under normal circumstances, a purchase of a distinguished building […]

Saw Works Brewing Company: A Story of Promise and of Promises Broken (Part Two of Two)

(The first part of this article ran yesterday.) As 2016 began, Saw Works had suffered considerable damage to its reputation with local vendors, suppliers and points of sale. It only grew worse as the year continued. I spoke to several people involved in sales who reported promising deliveries of product only to learn they would […]

Saw Works Brewing Company: A Story of Promise and of Promises Broken (Part One of Two)

It began with great promise as Marble City Brewing Company. A dispute with an out-of-state brewery over the use of the name resulted in a change to Saw Works Brewing, which is when I first wrote about the business in June of 2012. The years since have proved to be difficult for the company, with […]

Abbey Fields: Bringing the Farm to the City

    It’s not something you might expect to find in a former industrial area near the heart of a city. Approaching the former Standard Knitting Mills site, the building looms large in the distance. Captivating in its own way, there is nothing to prepare a passerby for the site of tilled earth awaiting spring […]

Inside the Kress Building

There’s an allure to walking around inside an old building. Paying careful attention a person might see clues to its historic past, touch woodwork of a bygone era and sometimes even smell the past. It’s an intrigue I’m sure many of us share. Think of the abandoned home you drive by on the way to […]