New Website, New Paper, Interesting Facts and a Couple of Announcements

  How’s that for a hodgepodge of topics in a title? Several interesting events and new resources are emerging while others are sorting out as they must. It’s never dull around this place. First, the new website. PlanET (or Plan East Tennessee) was a three-year grant designed to, “imagine our future and then to chart […]

Who’s on First? Knoxville’s Post-Metro Pulse Independent Landscape

Coury Turczyn introduces the Knoxville Mercury, East Tennessee History Center, Knoxville, December 2014 Since the day the news broke about the closure of Metro Pulse, Knoxville’s weekly (sort of) independent, I’ve been asked at least once a day, sometimes more, “What’s going to replace the Metro Pulse?” I haven’t known much more than anyone else […]