Friday Free-For-All

Today I’m going with some images that never quite rose to the level of needing their own blog, but which I wanted to work in at some point. I’ll start with Sam (Samantha) Hatmaker who you see pictured above. I took these photographs when she played the Market Square Stage a few weeks ago. I’m […]

More First Friday with a Little Bit of Saturday

  After leaving Preservation Pub last Friday night I walked to Sapphire. Sapphire almost always has an interesting artist of one variety or another just inside the window to the left. It’s sort of like an artist-in-a-fish-bowl, making it a cool of its own. This particular First Friday David Teeters brought his glasswork and, as […]

A Knoxville Saturday Morning at the Market Square Farmers’ Market

The last two Saturday mornings have been beautiful and there’s really no better way to enjoy a beautiful morning than to stroll around the Market Square Farmers’ Market. Urban Woman and I love to get out of bed at the crack of dawn – around 8:30 at our place, drink a little coffee and stumble […]