Music for a Pandemic (or Anytime) from the Sedonas and R.B. Morris

We may only be touching the tip of the music and other art made during or released during the pandemic. We might expect that artists isolated during this time might tap the muse for inspiration and focus on doing what they do best. The two local artists I’d like to highlight today had music close […]

An Urban Weekend in Downtown Knoxville

Sometimes a weekend comes along which encapsulates a large swath of the urban living experience. The simple range of what one encounters in an active downtown area is an attraction in itself. The weekend doesn’t have to include fireworks or festivals. Simple, common experiences cumulatively illustrate why so many of us are attracted to an […]

2015 International Biscuit Festival May Be The Best So Far

The sixth annual International Biscuit Festival has come and gone and, according to the website, as many as 20,000 people took part. I wouldn’t hazard a guess, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was, indeed, that many people. But there was a huge difference this year: Even with the massive crowds, movement through the […]

Waynestock 2014, Night One

It’s nearly 12:30 AM as I’m writing this post, so you’ll see more photographs than words so I can get a little sleep before I go to work in a few hours. Tonight marked the kick-off of the fourth annual Waynestock Festival. It’s a great event benefiting various charities each year. For a $5 per […]

A Tale of Two Movies

I saw a couple of movies this past week. There are a couple of things which are very strange about this fact. One is that I very, very rarely go out to a movie. I find them too expensive, loud and, generally, the ones I’d want to see are at Downtown West while our Downtown […]