Who’s Behind Those Beautiful Flowers?

It’s easy to get so used to seeing our downtown that you stop really seeing it. Little subtleties or perhaps even special qualities you once valued slip from your conscious view and fade to the background. Sometimes it’s helpful to make a concerted effort to see again, what we’ve become blind to. It can be […]

More First Friday with a Little Bit of Saturday

  After leaving Preservation Pub last Friday night I walked to Sapphire. Sapphire almost always has an interesting artist of one variety or another just inside the window to the left. It’s sort of like an artist-in-a-fish-bowl, making it a cool of its own. This particular First Friday David Teeters brought his glasswork and, as […]

A Knoxville Saturday Morning at the Market Square Farmers’ Market

The last two Saturday mornings have been beautiful and there’s really no better way to enjoy a beautiful morning than to stroll around the Market Square Farmers’ Market. Urban Woman and I love to get out of bed at the crack of dawn – around 8:30 at our place, drink a little coffee and stumble […]