A Gay Street Business Closes, So Does Part of the Street (and an Art Exhibition Opens Briefly)

It was just a year-and-a-half ago that I announced the opening of Potbelly Sandwiches at 522 South Gay Street. It was the second Knoxville franchise location operated by the same investment group and operated by local musician and businessman Mark Ray. It took the place of the recently closed Lenny’s Sub Shop at the same […]

How Do We Develop Great Places?

What is a great place? The answer is likely in the eye of the individual beholder to some degree, but there are places so loved by large groups of people that we might find some agreement. Of course there are grand natural spaces all around the country and the world – some of them, like […]

A Major Downtown Restaurant Closes on Gay Street

It’s been sometime since a major business on Gay Street closed its doors. Restaurants, in particular seem to be bustling with waits often the norm. For Urban Woman and me, this one stings a bit as it was one of our favorite restaurants – particularly for brunch, but often for dinner, especially when we had […]

Exploring One of Gay Street’s Most Beautiful and Interesting Buildings: The Mechanics Bank and Trust Building

If you’ve slowed down a bit to consider the various buildings lining Gay Street, you’ve no doubt noticed 612 South Gay. The inscription on the front gives its name: The Mechanics Bank and Trust Building. Even that is an interesting point: Not all buildings have their names inscribed on the front, but they virtually all […]

Embassy Suite Details – And Three Favorite Local Businesses to Join Them at the Location

It’s been nearly three months since the announcement that the Conley Building at 505 – 507 Gay Street would become an Embassy Suites. The long under-utilized building sits at arguably the most prominent intersection in the city and development, long overdue, had been entangled in legal wrangling between the owners. Very few details were included […]