St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2018

If you were anywhere near downtown Knoxville this weekend, you saw lots of green. Large green hats, green beads and glasses, people dressed in green and dogs dressed in green and even beverages adopting the traditional color of St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations everywhere. It’s an interesting cultural phenomenon that I’m not sure has any parallel. […]

Three Questions Answered and a Couple of Other Random Pieces of Information

One of the fun things about doing what I do is that people are always running into me and saying, “Hey, quick question . . .” It leads to some of my favorite conversations. Often the person asking the question about a random downtown topic knows more than I know, but they assume I have […]

Miracle on Gay Street (For Real)

As we move toward the Christmas season, there will be many great related events, decorations, entertainment and more all around downtown. I’ll detail some of those on Friday (I’m taking a day off tomorrow). There’s one very cool event, however, that I wanted to mention beforehand that I think the grownups among us might enjoy. […]

Sterchi Lofts Convert to Condos, Offered for Sale

Building owner and developer Leigh Burch has announced that Sterchi Lofts will be offered for sale as condos. Burch bought the building in 2000, well before downtown’s resurgence, and opened the newly developed units as apartments in 2002. He says at the time financing was near impossible as it was, by far, the largest residential […]

A Gay Street Business Closes, So Does Part of the Street (and an Art Exhibition Opens Briefly)

It was just a year-and-a-half ago that I announced the opening of Potbelly Sandwiches at 522 South Gay Street. It was the second Knoxville franchise location operated by the same investment group and operated by local musician and businessman Mark Ray. It took the place of the recently closed Lenny’s Sub Shop at the same […]