Missing Pieces: Metro Pulse and More

I’ve planned for several days to write this post today about recent closures and losses. It’s fun highlighting the successes, the openings, the interesting people or just the simple progress and growth Knoxville shows every day in this bright era. Not so much when talking of failures, closures and defeats large and small. Then yesterday, […]

Art That Captures the Senses

I enjoyed the art last Friday and the small crowds I mentioned earlier made it possible to actually enjoy it up close. I’m afraid First Fridays aren’t usually the best viewing times for the various exhibitions, but that’s usually when I see them. With the largest part of the downtown crowd settled in on the […]

First Friday Fun in Downtown Knoxville, March 2014

As I’ve done before, I’ll let the photographs carry most of the weight for First Friday. It was one of those nights I’ve experienced before in which I was dragging about and not real sure about getting out at all. But then, the weather was awesome and I can’t resist the buzz on the streets […]

First Friday Rambling

  A couple of program notes before we get to the meat of the topic, today. I’d like to offer up a semi-random “thank you” to you guys. The site hit 25,000 page-views last month which is a long way from the 5 page views I started with 3 1/2 years ago (four of them were […]

Dr. Bill Bass, Gallery Nuance and Creepy Conversation

    If you haven’t discovered Gallery Nuance, it’s a place you need to find. Located on the 100 block of Gay Street, the space boasts hundreds of works of art ranging from folk to fine, from photography to jewelry. If you like art of any kind, chances are you’ll find something to like inside […]