Local Business Feud Erupts with Felony Revelations

It’s a story (which I first wrote about last June)¬†that just won’t go away. It’s unfortunate that a resolution couldn’t be found before matters escalated so badly. But if the situation seemed bad before, Tuesday night’s City Council meeting made what has gone before seem mild by comparison. During the public forum section at the […]

First Friday Fun in Downtown Knoxville, March 2014

As I’ve done before, I’ll let the photographs carry most of the weight for First Friday. It was one of those nights I’ve experienced before in which I was dragging about and not real sure about getting out at all. But then, the weather was awesome and I can’t resist the buzz on the streets […]

Sharing the City as it Turns Towards Christmas

  This marked the second weekend in a row that we’ve hosted people from outside the city. Last weekend it was friends of the family and their significant others – all in their twenties – in town for the Auburn game. This¬†weekend really started Wednesday night with the arrival of my brother, who was joined […]

Late Summer Images of Knoxville, 2012

I’m still working my way through a back log of photographs I like, but for which I never found the right blog. Several of these rank among my recent favorites. Hopefully you’ll like some of them, as well. We have a beautiful and interesting city. Enjoy.

First Friday, October 2012, You Can’t Run and You Can’t Hide

So, this seemed like the kind of night that wouldn’t produce much in the way of blogging. Urban Woman and I decided we needed to spend a little time just being together and taking it easy. Our normal First Friday ritual involves running from one place to another to see as much as possible, followed […]