Ice and Snow in the City, February 2015

It’s become a tradition for me to walk about in the snow each winter and take photographs of downtown Knoxville. The twist this year was that our initial snow wasn’t a snow at all, but was the most ice I believe I’ve ever seen at one time. I missed the last big ice storm locally. […]

Downtown Knoxville Snow Photographs, February 13, 2014, Part Two

I don’t have a lot to say about these, beyond, “here you go.” I hope you enjoy them. Folks seemed to like the first batch, so hopefully you’ll see some you like here, as well. A special thanks goes out to David Evola who provided me with photographs from Krutch Park. The snow people on […]

Photographs of the City: A Photography Field Trip

You’ve seen them before – maybe even this past Saturday. Clueless masses of amateur photographers wandering Market Square or some other portion of the city. Yes, they look dorky and uncertain and yes, they may have no idea what to actually do with that massive lens, but have mercy people, they are trying. This past […]